L2L Methodology

  • L2L offers distinctive advantages and features
  • L2L creates the environment where learning is fun. 
  • L2L follows the Learners’ Manifesto
  • L2L Academy is inspired by the life histories of great figures in history and is grounded in the state of the art research in education. It is inspired by proven examples that have busted popular myths about education environments of the industrial age.
  • L2L uses PBL or Project Based Learning, which is crucial for preparing the kids for the challenges of the 21st century. (See FAQ).
  • L2L curriculum weaves multiple intelligences  (See FAQ) through exciting & meaningful activities. The curriculum prepares the children to effortlessly sail through O/A Level examinations on way to higher successes in life.

We at L2L believe that children learn on their own given the right environment and stimuli. We do not need coercion and behavior manipulation (rewards and punishments) for teaching purposes. Our role is to inspire the children through personal example, produce a conducive environment and facilitate them in their learning and realizing their inherent potential.

  • L2L develops active learners (See FAQ)
  • L2L produces independent thinkers and learners
  • L2L relies on mentors and facilitators, instead of teachers/lecturers, for making sure that learners are actively involved in projects and the learning objectives are achieved.
  • L2L considers parents as strategic members of the academy and appreciates their participation in the design and facilitation of projects.