L2L at a Glance

L2L (Learn to Learn) Academy is a school with a distinctive educational environment that encourages kids to enthusiastically engage in learning activities. See Learning at L2L.

Our Vision

L2L club’s vision is to develop its members as leaders in creating and building enterprises. Read More..

Advantages & Features

Real life problems are multidisciplinary and defy strict compartmentalization of subject boundaries. Read More..

Learning is Fun

Encourages participants to readily engage in activities of their liking.

A state of the art class room environment without strict regimentation of a school. Read More..


L2L curriculum is mapped to Key Stages-1 to Key Stage-4 of the UK national curriculum. Learning outcomes, concepts and the assessment criteria of the UK curriculum are used to select the projects and activities used in PBL (Project Based Learning) to ensure that the students have an appropriate foundation for their O/A Level exams. Read More..

L2L Curriculum

Learners and activities are organized in the following categories for implementing the curriculum.

  • Elementary Ages 2.5-5 Confidence Playgroup till class-1
  • Beginners: Ages 5-9 Key Stage 1 Class 2-4
  • Middlers: Ages 8-12 Key Stage 2 Class 5-7
  • Juniors: Ages 12-14 Key Stage 3 Class 8
  • O-Levels: Ages >14 Key Stage 3-4 Class 9-11
    • A-Level

See PBL Curriculum.

Project Ideas

We want kids to be creative about the project ideas including but not limited to performing a science experiment, making a puzzle, riddle, or a story, making an ad, writing a book, preparing a poster, playing a game, watering the seed, developing a magazine, etc. Curriculum consists of projects and activities that are a translation of the concepts found in traditional course books. However, a project may correspond to a number of concepts across different course boundaries.

Kids brainstorm some of these ideas in teams and groups and decide what would most excite them and what would be most creative. These project and activity ideas are then realized through the guidance of facilitators.


L2L is a project-based, student-driven model for active learners. L2L provides learners access to technology, an active focus on the community, and a student-facilitator ratio of not more than 20 to 1.

L2L offers a learning model based on students’ interests and needs as international academic standards. L2L curriculum addresses educational goals through a project-based model that incorporates individual and group projects, individually-paced math and reading programs, family-connected study, and service learning.

Belief Statatements

  • We believe each person can be a self-learner.
  • We believe students learn best when they are happily engaged.
  • We believe the processes of learning (self-direction, curiosity, research, creativity, cooperation, and self-evaluation) are more important than any exact, fact-based curriculum.
  • We believe parent and community involvement enhance learning.
  • We believe small school size creates a better learning community.
  • We believe PBL allows students to incorporate their natural talents and interests as they prepare to continue on their educational paths.