Map and Directions

Welcome to Learn to Learn (L2L) Academy —known to our learners and families as L2L. Here, we focus on learning how to learn and becoming a beacon of light that will remove darkness and illuminate the world.

Ph: 021 3453-5041

Cell: 0336 554 9509



From Tariq Rd:

From Tariq Road:

Driving on Tariq Road towards Shaheed-e-Millat with your back towards Shaheed-e-Millat, if you are going from the liberty signal towards McDonalds on Shaheed-e-Millat, take third left, and then take fourth right. Masjid Ghausia would be on your left (if you don’t see the Masjid, you are lost; ask for it).

From Shahrah-e-Quaideen:

Coming from Quaid’s Mazar on Shahrahe Quaideen and going towards nursery, and after you cross the Tariq Road intersection and McDonalds, take the first left cut on Shah Abdul Latif Road. (You are now parallel to Tariq Rd). Then, take fourth left and second right. You would see on your right Masjid Ghausia with its shops and a ground. (if you don’t see the Masjid, you are lost; ask for it).

L2L Location:

L2L Academy (201/O/2 PECHS) is right in front of the shops in the Mosque, Masjid-e-Ghausia, which is between Tariq Rd and Nursery and near Jheel Park.

Following these directions, if you do not see Masjid-e-Ghausia, then you are lost. Ask anyone in the area where the Masjid (near Jheel Park) is.