L2L Learning Environment

L2L (Learn to Learn) Academy is a school with a distinctive educational environment that encourages kids to enthusiastically engage in learning activities.

  • L2L believes in nurturing love for learning. We believe that each learner has the potential to become a beacon of light that will remove darkness from the world by helping those in need.
  • L2L is based on real-life holistic education that builds on universal principles of our culture and uses the research in learning approaches to promote love for learning in developing life-long learners.
  • The stimulating educational environment of L2L is a club-like environment where learning is fun. It encourages the students to learn on their own without coercion and without the need for strict regimentation of classrooms.

Designed for developing curiosity, the environment appreciates and nurtures the talents of children and enables them to aspire for excellence.

  • Encourages participants to readily engage in activities of their liking.
  • A class room environment without strict regimentation of a school.
  • Encourages, not forces the children to attend.
  • A fun environment that is not considered a burden by children.
  • Appreciates and nurtures the talents of children

Holistic Learning

Experience the thrill of curiosity, exploration and discovery.

Project Based Learning

Exposure to different arts, crafts, tecchnologies and trades such as robotics, programming, carpentery, clay pottery making, growing plants, keeping pets, painting, ….

Learning by Doing Activities

Book reading, elocution, poetry, bayt baazi, reflections, speaking, debates,…